We will contribute 50+ fine art prints for ‘Picture Me Here’ show of art photography by immigrant youth

CPAC LogoCPAC has an exhibit opening in October called ‘Picture me Here’. We are printing 50 or so 10×15″ prints for them to display. All shot by local kids 15-20 y/o that are immigrants. This is part of a 20 year program committed to by several local charities to help document and train immigrant youth in the Denver Area.

About CPAC:
The Colorado Photographic Arts Center is dedicated to fostering the understanding and appreciation of photography in all aspects and genres through promotion, exhibition, and education. Our purpose is to be a premier destination for the photographic arts and to benefit our existing photographic culture by nurturing new talent, expanding concepts, generating skills, piquing interest, and contributing to a sustainable market for collectors and artists. Funding is provided by income from classes and workshops, annual membership dues, donations, and grants. CPAC receives grants from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), Tier III.


You can read Westword’s article on the show here: https://blogs.westword.com/showandtell/2013/10/picturemehere.php

Colorado Photography Festival 2013

Held from August 10th – 15th, this 6 day workshop is chock full of classes, workshops and photo adventures. The event starts off with back to back presentations by 5 ultra-talented photographers who will provide thought provoking discussions and slide shows that will educate and inspire. The kick-off presentation by Glenn Randal (www.glennrandall.com) is destined to be a great opportunity for the Auto-exposure only crowd seeking to get the most out of their cameras by learning the benefits and intricacies of going manual for maximum creative control. Grant Collier’s

presentation on night-time landscape photography (www.gcollier.com) will surely be a crowd pleaser. Grant’s portfolio and experience in shooting night-scapes under the stars is nearly unmatched. If you have ever experienced shutter-block ( my name for the photographers equivalent to writer’s block), Dan Ballard’s (www.danballardphotography.com/) presentation on unlocking your creative potential is sure to provide you with tools to expand your artistic vocabulary while providing some preventative medicine for those times when shutter-block show up.

There are many outstanding workshops available throughout the remaining 5 days and some are so promising they are virtually guaranteed to fill up fast. Click here to learn more and register for this event.

Reed Art & Imaging is proud to again sponsor the Colorado Photography Festival.