film scanning

Film Scanning

High Resolution Scans 

Maximum visual experience of your reproductions demands complete attention to detail and the proper equipment for top quality results. High resolution art scans with the highest color fidelity are the keystone to an impressive visual experience.  Our in-house photographer brings his decades of experience in the art reproduction field to all of your reproduction projects.


drum scanner machine

Photo Scanning

Professional photo scanning and digitization can transform photo art and nostalgic pics into timeless pieces that embody everything you love about the photos. Bring your photos to life with reproduction prints offering superior detail, fidelity and color.

No matter how careful you store and handle your photos, age and time will get the best of your favorite photos, causing them to deteriorate and fade. Photo scanning allows you to make copies, and to preserve and protect your most important imagery.

Each photo is carefully and meticulously scanned by industry professionals with decades of experience, resulting in a final product that is equal or superior to that of the original.

From hobbyists and casual photographers, to professionals, find out why so many individuals trust us to capture every detail of their photos.

Art Scanning

Wish there was a way to reproduce your artwork without losing every detail that makes it so special? Fine art scanning from Reed Photo captures every delicate detail and fine brush-stroke, adding depth to show texture and effectively replicating every single detail.

Favored by artists who wish to create museum-quality prints of their work, Reed’s fine art scanners, combined with unparalleled experience results in a scan that is as immaculate and breathtaking as the original piece itself.

drum scanner machine
drum scanner machine

High Resolution Photo Scans of Film.

For the highest resolution RGB (Red, Green, Blue) film scans we recommend our Drum Scans. Our scanner will rasterize transparencies, and negatives at the highest quality possible. Using Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) technology allows a full usable dynamic range of approximately 4.2 to 4.4; higher than the typical desktop scanners using Charge Coupled Device (CCD) technology. What this means to you is deeper shadow detail without the typical color breaks or gradient banding of inferior film scanning methods. Every image is scanned on its own merit. This means that we never use “global” corrections based on film type. Instead, we correct every drum scan on an image by image basis. We know your prized images are not shot under generic conditions, why should your scans be handled that way? To further enhance the quality of your film scan, all transparencies and negatives are oil mounted to the drum. This helps to remove dust and can actually hide small scratches and abrasions in the film, which saves you valuable retouching time.

Our attention to detail, giving close scrutiny to color fidelity, density, shadow & highlight detail, and overall sharpness truly makes this a custom scan.
If you need a high quality film scan that supports photographic output or large format printing, you can’t beat the high-resolution drum scans.[/donotprint]

Scan Sizes by Print Sizes (in MB)

For maximum print qualtiy we recommend a minimum of 300 p.p.i. at print size. As the ppi decreases, so does the print quality.  We suggest 150 p.p.i. as an absolute minimum for somewhat acceptable qualtiy. 

Sq. InchesSizeMB @ 300 ppi
MB @ 200 ppiMB @ 150 ppi
Least Preferred

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Scanning Services


Drum Scans of Film only


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The first and perhaps the most critical step towards the digital arena is scanning. But, with so many different types of scans out there, it is difficult to determine the best photo scanning service for your needs. It is frustrating to order a scan of an image for one project, only to find out that you need more resolution for a later project. Now you are back to the service bureau for another scan, and more delays. At Reed Art & Imaging we offer you the foresight to get the right type of scan that will work for you now and for future projects. 

If your needs are the ever demanding requirements of continuous-tone reproduction, our premium drum scans are your best option.

What Can I Do With a Photo or Art Scan?

Art and photo scans give you a lot of options with regards to your creative pieces. Digitization provides you with a digital file of the original piece in all of its glory. Even if you don’t have the proper equipment to make a print that gives it the justice it deserves, you an always have Reed Photo help out down the road.

Scanned Art and Photos Can Be Used For:

  • Diasec Acrylic Prints
  • Metal Prints
  • Gallery Mounted Prints (floats, flats, or boxes)
  • Canvas Prints (and photos on Canvas)
  • Giclee Pigment Fine Art Prints
  • Chromogenic Prints
  • Photo Wallpaper
  • Mini Prints
  • And more…

Why Have My Photo or Art Scanned?

Artists, art collectors, curators and aficionados all understand the challenges of capturing a work’s true depth, detail, color, tone, and energy. While there is arguably no substitute for the real thing, Reed Photo’s unique scanning process comes as close to re-creating the real thing as is possible.

But why would you want to have your artwork or photos scanned?

Art and photos are susceptible to damage over time. UV light, oxidation, moisture, fluctuating temperatures, pests, accidents, and natural degradation of the materials used are all real risks. For many photographers and artists, scanning offers an avenue to immortalize their artwork in digital form, while affording them the opportunity to replicate it in various print forms if necessary or needed in the future.

For others, scanning enables them to make prints to sell, use as marketing, for portfolios, galleries and more.

Fine art scanning services such as those from Reed Photo are often used to support the art community, enabling organizations from foundations and museums, to art galleries and libraries to display fine art for the world to enjoy, while preserving and protecting the original pieces.

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