You Deserve Choices in Your Metal Prints.

Your typical metal prints today use a dye sublimation process. We know you and your buyers like options so we also offer you a latent image (photo) print version. They both have their benefits, so we’ve provided a handy table below to help you get started deciding how you want us to print your next masterpiece.

The dye sub metal print price point can position it as a good fit for the festival artist or other artist who is looking to offer a lower selling price.

Contemporary Photo printed metal prints have finer print characteristics that make them a better choice for the artist who is targeting a buyer with a more refined appreciation and eye.


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I just received my order of the two metal prints and I love them! First off, they are packaged extremely well. I was afraid of what I’d get for coloring when you warned me about the sub-dye not being exact but they are close if not right on the mark. They will be hung at the Wright Opera House in Ouray at the end of this month along with other images from me and three other photographers. I’m proud to exhibit them!

Natalie Heller

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and answering all my emails and questions.
Thank you to the Reed employees who had something to do with my metal print.
The quality and care to get it shipped safely and undamaged was incredible.
Thanks Reed for your quality work and care!

Sheri D


Dye Sub Printing on Metal

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Pro Photo Print on Metal

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Lowest Price

Highest Quality

Your Ideal Client Type

Average Consumer

Fine Art Collector/Museum


Dye Sublimation

Chromogenic Photo Print

Aluminum Thickness



Hanging System Included

Custom Sizes Available

Color Fidelity

Good - High Saturation Possible

Best Tonal Separation/Natural Color




Water Resistance


Not Water Resistant


Scratch Resistance

Fragile Surface - Treat Like Fine Art

Surface Type

High Gloss or Matte

Super Smooth High Gloss