Photography of your artwork can make or break your career. It’s what others see when they can’t view your piece directly, and any editions you run hinge on the skill of the photographer.  Accurate photography of paintings and other flat art takes a critical eye and a lot of patience. If you have a piece of flat artwork that you need to reproduce, this first step can be the most crucial. Denver Digital Imaging Center takes the time to provide the quality professional photography of your paintings that your artwork deserves. The process begins with a one-on-one consultation with one of our team who will carefully listen to your needs and ensure the photography of your artwork meets your expectations and your reproduction needs.

Our digital captures are ideal for for Giclee Prints, Gallery Wraps / Photos on Canvas Prints, fine art reproduction / fine art printing, color separations or other reproduction tasks without fear of sacrificing the quality you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Important Info About Art Scan Services and Photography of Paintings for reproduction

Your capture is performed on professional class digital equipment that is fully profiled for super accurate color rendition. The file is then carefully corrected to the original to get you a print ready file.  The photography of your painting are provided to you in 8bit color  and tiff is our default. If you need a different file format, just let us know. If you are submitting for Zapplication or CaFE,  you can get a free 1920px jpg version of your large file capture upon request. 

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