A Fine Art Alternative for Dye Sublimation Metal Prints

It’s sharper and crisper than products printed directly on metal.

Not to be confused with Metal Prints that print directly to aluminum, this is a Pigment print behind a carefully sourced rare ultra-glossy UV lam and mounted on thicker, stiffer aluminum sheets. The level of detail in this print is so superior to infused / dye sublimation, you’ll never look back. And the print to print consistency is absolutely incredible. 
This print offers the look of aluminum combined with all the amazing visual snap of custom acrylic prints – sharpness, contrast, details, etc –  but it’s lighter, less expensive than acrylic, and provides you with a fine art print that looks the way it should.

Exploded view of a photo on metal print
Consistent color and superior detail are the foundation of the Gallery Contemporary Metal Prints
Photo by Martina Misar-Tummeltshammer

Your artwork, printed on beautiful Pigment based paper and sealed between solid aluminum and the most amazing high-gloss UV protective lam you have ever laid eyes on. It’s as smooth and glossy as a face-mount to plex!

Every Photo Gallery Contemporary print that leaves Reed is hand-inspected, and carefully burnished on the back to ensure the print is safe for you and your buyers to handle. Like all of our Gallery Mount Collection, the Contemporary metal print comes ready to hang in your gallery or on your buyer’s wall!

While somewhat similar to Metal Prints, this presentation takes the concept to higher levels: higher definition higher levels of shadow detail, higher levels of sharpness, and a higher level of buyer perception. All to give you an edge in your marketing and fine-art sales.

<<  Photo by Quino Al

Normal turn:

Creation times for the meticulous Gallery Mount Contemporary including the pigment print is 8 business days.

Add 3 days if you require color testing.


  • Sharper detail than dye-sub or flat-bed
  • Higher caliber print for the discerning art buyer.
  • Green! The print is mounted on recycled aluminum.
  • Thicker stock than most prints on metal so it’s more durable with a more robust edge profile.
  • Archive-rated pigment paper.
  • A gloss that exceeds “infused metal prints”.
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Normal turn: Creation times for the meticulous Gallery Mount Contemporary including the genuine photographic print is 8 business days. Add 3 days if you require color testing.

Faster service may incur additional fees.

Gallery Contemporary Flat – A Higher Quality Pigment Print on Metal

**No hardware, no float frame, just the laminated exquisite print on metal.

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Gallery Contemporary Float – A Higher Quality Pigment Print on Metal

**Includes U-channel float frame and zbar for attaching to the wall.

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