Inaugural Landscape Photography Conservation Award

Do you know a conservation-minded photographer who is deserving of recognition?

Maybe it’s you!

  Sharing the world’s beauty is what nature photographers do, but it comes with inherent risks. As images of a beautiful area become popular, the area itself can see an increase in visitors, and not all visitors are respectful. Over-crowding damages flora and habitats in ways that can take decades or even centuries for nature to recover.

"...We have a duty in doing whatever we can to mitigate and minimize our impact on the locations we love to photograph."

Nature Photographer and podcaster Matt Payne, founder of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen “Landscape Photography Conservation Award” has this to say:

As we all know; social media, the increased popularity of photography as a hobby, and the proliferation of workshops all play significant roles in driving traffic to these locations and in turn, are creating problems. More importantly, this problem is not just caused by ‘others’ – it is also caused by us. All of us.”

Matt goes on to say “I’m no fool, I understand that landscape photography only plays a small part in this impact; however, I believe as landscape photographers, we have a duty in doing whatever we can to mitigate and minimize our impact on the locations we love to photograph.”

As such, Matt has created an annual award to recognize nature photographers whose writings, teachings, and ethical behavior advocates and furthers the ideals of conservation and ethical preservation of landscape photography locations.

Additionally, this award seeks to recognize an individual that is actively practicing the Nature First Principles []

Currently funded through Matt’s podcast Patreon supporters, donations, and sponsorships – of which we are one, the current cash award value is at $1,570 and growing, plus sponsored prices currently valued in excess of $2300!

You can nominate any photographer you feel meets the criteria, and self-nominations are accepted.

Nominations for this year’s award are open through December 31, 2019

If you are interested in sponsoring, donating or otherwise contributing you can contact Matt at 

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