Why offer promos?

2020…what can you say. If there was ever a time more ripe for an  Artist Survival Kit, it’s now..!

What do you project the next 6 months looking like? If you’re like us, you don’t have a clue. What we do know, however, is that being proactive is a requirement. We can’t wait for it to get better; we control our destiny by being proactive. 

Many creatives are struggling with very low or no gallery traffic and/or the cancelling of their summer art festivals. In most cases artists and photographers are hurting and things look pretty bleak.

We have, however, seen some success stories! There are a few savvy creative professionals who have been making some profitable marketing shifts and we want to share with you what is working for them.

During the Great Depression there were many companies that failed. But some actually grew at amazing rates. What was their secret? They took advantage of the down times to substantially expand their marketing efforts.

What we have seen is a few of our other clients changing things up a bit in the same way. They are doing heavy marketing to their warm market by using  their existing email lists and social media ads. They are generally selling smaller, more affordable items to their email lists and being very successful.

Why, you ask? 

Well, think about it. 

People are stuck at home. They’ve been looking at the same tired walls for what seems like forever. They probably have stimulus money burning a hole in their pocket. Now they see an email or a Facebook ad from you, an artist they already know and appreciate, offering a great deal on small, affordable artwork. This creates the perfect opportunity for them to not only demonstrate support for a struggling small business, but beautify their own home as well!

That’s why we’ve pulled together our Artist Survival Kit, a plan to come alongside you, the professional artist or photographer, and help you boost your sales right now while things are so unpredictable. If you already know this is what you want to do, ASK us how to get started, 800-999-8084.

Ready to get started? ASK for more details, 1-800-999-8084

What products work well in promos?

We have developed several product lines that we know are resonating with art buyers. They are smaller in size but still have a dynamic look at an affordable price, which is just what people are craving. Check them out by clicking the link below.

Ready to get started? ASK for more details, 1-800-999-8084

How do these promos work?

The most cost effective method to sell to your existing customer list is through email. It is very inexpensive, easy to do, and can — and should! — be done with a regular automated process.

We have been told by many that they don’t know how to run an email marketing campaign, or if they do, it hasn’t been very successful. So, to help you out we have compiled some free and for-purchase resources providing how-to information about email marketing to share with you

These courses are there to teach you how to sell the promotional products that we are offering and try to fill that income gap that most artists and photographers are suffering through.

Click the link below to view these email marketing training courses.

We also have recommendation of how to build a successful campaign for reaching your clients based upon our experiences, as well as that of our clients who have great success stories of their own. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; we’ve done that for you! Not sure what to do next? ASK us, 800-999-8084.

Click the link below to view our plan for a successful promo.