A key component to the Artist Survival Kit  is email marketing. Why does email work? These are some of the reasons we believe that it does:

  • With the stimulus money, a lot of people are doing better than in a normal recession, so they have money to spend
  • Being stuck inside creates a desire to upgrade their home interiors
  • Lower promo pricing encourages spontaneous impulse purchases
  • Your base feel they are doing their part to support you during these rough times, and they want their favorite artists to survive
  • People are tired of not getting out and miss being able to visit their favorite galleries and art festivals
  • Smaller items make great gifts for family and friends they would normally go out and buy for

Below are links to various email marketing courses and resources.

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Free Email Courses

Free Facebook Courses

Paid Email Education Courses

  • Email Marketing for Artists from Barney Davey

    This is a course made specifically for artists and photographers. Cost is $40 with a refund policy

  • Email Marketing for Artists with Melanie Greenwood

    Videos on email marketing. 14 day free trial and $15 a month after that.

  • Email Marketing Heros

    This course has 12 different types of email sequences. The templates aren't necessarily geared for art sales, but they do provide a framework that can be modified for the artist's or photographer's use. The cost is $97, but an automatic discount is applied at checkout making the cost shown is $27.16. Additional training is available after the first purchase. All sales have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Paid Facebook Education Courses

  • Facebook Marketing 2020

    Helpful instruction on Facebook marketing & advertising strategies with business groups, pages & Facebook Live. It'll help you go viral and get more Facebook likes and comments. Cost: $11.99

  • The Complete Facebook Ads Training

    An A-Z guide on how to create powerful Facebook Ads. Hands on training included for different types of Facebook Ads. Cost: $11.99

Other Helpful Resources