Possible Construction Avoidance Routes

It’s actually pretty easy!

coneThat magnificent highway that normally makes it easy to get to us, is going through a much-needed expansion. While we get that in the end it will
make things easier for the commuters who use that highway long-term, it’s making some areas of traffic slower short-term.

We know your time is valuable so we’re providing some possible alternate routes that should keep you clear of the construction related slow-downs.

Click the map for a full view!

BLUE LINES =  Routes that we suggest

DOTTED BLUE LINES = These routes are usually very good, but occasionally have delays

RED LINES = These routes are NOT suggested as they experience frequent delays or closures.

Coming from the west we suggest

  • Colfax or
  • 6th Ave.

Coming from the East we suggest

  • Colfax or
  • 8th Ave.

From the South, we suggest you avoid Federal Blvd and come in via

  • I-25 or
  • Knox Ct to the 6th Ave service road, which turns into 8th Ave as shown on the map.

From the north

  • Federal Blvd or
  • I-25

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