Featured Project – Liz Hickock Outdoor Art Installation – Month of Photography

Client Need:

Non-Profit looking for recognition


The Photo-Art Wallpaper was the only choice for this job, a short term graphic with bright high energy colors. It also needed to be budget friendly, easily applied to the exterior of a building and removable with no visible damage to the structure.

The Story:

This non-profit client that we have worked with for many years came to us with an idea to wrap an art piece around an empty restaurant building. It was meant to be a promotion and needs to stay up for at least 4 months during a bi-annual celebration called ‘Month of Photography’. Due to some of the windows being boarded up the graphic would need to be installed on the outside of the building and be able to hold up to the weather and sunlight.  After receiving the artists original digital file we sized it up holding as much detail as possible and sliced it into separate varying sized panels to fit the 15 window sections. A mock-up was created for the installers who then did an amazing job getting everything to flow nicely over the undulating wood, glass and metal surfaces.

The Takeaway:

This art installation was a huge hit with the staff, members and general public who got to see it. It more than did it’s job as this particular piece got more press than most of the featured exhibits. Being not only an affordable and great looking public art piece that fit their budget, it actually has lasted over 19 months and at the time of this article is still going strong! Whether for short term or permanent installations our line of Photo-Art Wallpaper products can help you look like a hero with big custom art graphics. How can this solution possibly help your business?

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