Our printmaking studio began in the small basement of Bob and Betty Reed’s home in 1976. A disagreement with a previous employer who’s qualtiy standards were too low led Bob to make a choice: accept his bosses low standards of quality or quit.  Bob quit.

He and his family immediately began building a new business the way they felt it should be done: “Prints we choose to throw in the waste basket may be good enough to sell in 80% of the labs across the country, but not here”, is the bold statement that Bob still stands behind today.

Quality, service, competitive pricing; are the three ingredients necessary to run a successful business.

Today the business, occupies a 24,000 square foot modern facility in one of Colorado’s premier creative districts: The 40 West Arts District. Looking towards the future of digital imaging, but never forgetting the past and traditional photography, Reed Art and Imaging provides the best of both worlds by maintaining a blend of wet development photo printing and state of the art digital technology.

Service and quality will always come first and foremost at Reed, so we don’t automate our printing. Every print is given the attention to detail it deserves. We don’t treat you like a number and we refuse to treat your art that way.

While there are thousands of shops that are perfectly happy to crank-out prints, some by the thousands daily, technology and equipment are only a portion of what it takes to help our customers be more successful. The people at Reed have backgrounds in fine art, photography, printing, advertising, and graphic design, ensuring highest standards of people and ensuring that we understand your specific expectations. We take the time to listen to your needs, allowing you to convey your expectations because we believe we should meet your needs, not the other way around. We provide information & solutions, and most importantly, strive to keep your trust every single day.

Like Betty likes to say:

“Not everyone with a brush can paint, not everyone with a camera can shoot, and not everyone with a printer can make a print that’s worthy of being in a buyer’s collection”

Reed Art and Imaging is located at 145 West Alameda Ave. Denver, Colorado 80223.

We welcome your toll-free call at 1-800-999-8084 or in-state at 303.573.8084.

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