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We’ve listened to you and you now have choices for how you send us your order! Both options have unique features that work for different needs. We’ve made the decision-making process easier for you by listing the differences below. Take a look, pick the best option, and let’s get started!


OPTION 1 logs you into this website ( giving you access to pricing and a large file upload.

A different login is required for OPTION 2, which gives you access to our online store ( where you can purchase products and pay for them immediately.

Each option requires a different login, although your username and password can be the same. You can be logged into both at the same time.

Option 1

This option requires you to login. Click Login or Register.

This new option adds a little more flexibility to placing
your orders. Here are the things that make it different:


  • No need to pay up front – payment is arranged through your sales rep
  • No file size limitation
  • Bulk orders are quick & easy
  • Send files without committing to an order
  • Can order more precise custom sizes


  • No image preview

Option 2

If you’ve been sending us orders for a while, this is the same upload interface you’re already familiar with. Nothing has changed with it, but here are some distinctions and limitations that you should know about:


  • Secure online payment-in-full
  • Ability to crop previews of your images
  • Your log-in gives you access to previously uploaded files & order details
  • Good option if you have only a few files to upload


  • 100mb file limitation
  • Bulk orders – must upload & input print details individually for each file
  • Print sizes limited to whole numbers