August 27 2018

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For Immediate Release

Reed Art & Imaging Announces First North American Agreement with Diasec USA/Canada


-Colorado fine-art printmaker acquires first North American License of high-end product.


DENVER, CO. U.S.A. – Reed Art & Imaging, one of the Rocky Mountain Region’s longest running fine art printmakers, has reached a licensing agreement with Diasec USA/Canada to be the first North American manufacturer of the Swiss fine art presentation system. The process offers several advantages to Reed’s fine art clients that is lacking in current available technology.

As the go-to printmaker for many fine artists around the world, Reed Art & Imaging has a long-standing reputation for quality.  “Quality has always been our number one priority, and this agreement with Diasec is an extension of our commitment to the artists who use us.” says Bob Reed, Owner of the Lakewood, Colorado company.  He goes on to say: “Diasec has a world-wide reputation with museums and galleries as the absolute finest method of presenting fine art prints. As the first in North America to get on-board, we are setting a new bar for our competition, and it’s our clients that will reap the benefits”

The Swiss process developed by Diasec-Sovilla uses a closely guarded recipe of ingredients, and highly specialized equipment.  “It’s definitely a serious commitment of resources, and producing the prints is not for the faint of heart, but the quality improvements are worth it” continues Bob Reed.

Equipment and trainers for the process arrive from Europe on August 27, 2018, with a projected launch event in early September 2018.

Family-owned and operated, Reed Art & Imaging is a nationally recognized fine-art print-maker. The company was established to create the finest quality prints from visual images and is dedicated to helping professional artists grow their successful careers by providing top-quality editions and reproductions. Reed has developed the “TrueArt Process,” a methodology focused on maximizing the visual equity artists invest in their works of art. Reed also provides mounting and lamination services, large format pigment, metal, photographic prints and installation.

Quick Facts:

  • Reed Art & Imaging is the first and as of the date of this release, the
    sole U.S. licensee of the authentic Diasec® process.
  • Originally patented in 1969 by Heinz Sovilla-Brulhart the process uses a closely guarded recipe of materials and specialized equipment to create the magnificently smooth and crystal clear presentation that Diasec® is famous for.
  • Diasec® is the first system that allowed photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to Acrylic sheet. It is the worlds most established and quality proven face-mounting process.
  • Photographs are mounted to high exhibition standards without borders and eliminates the need for a traditional picture frame.
  • The process yields a fine art print that is preserved in an inert and stable environment with 99% UV protection, isolation from humidity and environmental pollutants and will not peel or separate.
  • The optical nature of the presentation creates a print that is more vibrant and appears sharper than the print alone.
  • Only companies that are licensed can access the special ingredients and equipment.
  • The select ingredients for Diasec® contain a closely guarded secret formula.
  • Only Diasec® licensed printmaking studios are equipped with the proprietary equipment needed for the outstanding smooth bonding of the image to the Acrylic.
  • Combining this process with the light penetration and the refraction of clear Acrylic, produces higher image definition, brilliant color and a fine detailed texture to photographic works.

For more information contact:
Gary Reed or John Harris, Reed Art & Imaging
303-573-8084 (Office