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for the International Gallery and Museum

Archival Pigment Giclée

Extreme archival ratings with Canon’s highly regarded inksets. Several beautiful artists and photo-like papers provide you just the right option to match your work to maximize the visual experience.

Chromogenic Photos Discontinued

Chromogenic prints have been the mainstay of color photography for over a century and have continued to improve since the first Lumière Autochrome process changed the photographic landscape.  Modern photo prints have advanced archival properties, super sharpness and a beautifully natural color pallette. 

Large Format Giclee Printing for Galleries and Museums

Gone are the days when full artist editions had to be run at one time. With our high-end Giclee fine art printing, your editions can be run in smaller batches, as little as one print at a time. And we can blind-ship your artist Giclee prints directly to your buyer or gallery.  

Giclee Prints For The Artist

Two of the biggest buzzwords in the art-market are “Giclee Print”, and “Pigment Print”. If you are looking for  Canvas Gallery Wraps or Deckled Water Color Paper,  we are the preferred professional Giclee Printing  source. With an ultra-high apparent resolution of 1800 d.p.i., and the ability to print on many fine art substrates, the Giclee processes command a great deal of gallery and professional print buyer attention. Ideal for fine art limited editions, the Giclee fine art print has become the preferred method for fine art reproduction world-wide.

Many artists feel that our years of ground-breaking technical experience in the creative digital realm provides for fine art prints that outperform others for color fidelity and detail. The larger color gamut of Giclee makes it an ideal medium for highly saturated works.

What is Pigment Printing  (Giclée)

Pigment printing is less of a mystery than you may thing. You probably already know that the word “Giclee” is French, with a loose English translation of “to spray”. But there is no magic behind a fine art Giclee print. A Giclee printer is an expensive high-end ink-jet style printer with higher resolution heads and the ability to work with archival fine art inks and substrates such as, Giclee watercolor papers, Giclee canvas, Photo Rag Baryta, and more. By using “ archival”  inks, this printing medium preserves your fine-art and portrait photo print buyer’s investment; making your artwork a more attractive purchase. And just how archival is a Giclee artist print? There is a great deal of debate surrounding the longevity of Giclee prints, much of it a result of differing opinions on how to correctly test the longevity; the truth is, no one really knows for sure, but best guesses from testing place them between 100 and 250 years when archivally stored – less when hanging on a wall. Before we decide on the paper and canvas stocks we offer for our Giclee print,  we examine manufacturer and third-party specifications on longevity and we test the fine-art papers to make sure the print quality exceeds our stringent professional guidelines. We take the risk out of printing Giclee, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, and we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB.

Black & White Giclees Offer Stunning Tonal Range and Detail.  Greyscale files printed on Giclee result in stunning B&W Prints in the same large print sizes and pricing as we offer in color Giclee Prints. You will be amazed at the beauty of the expanded tonal range and clarity of detail in these exhibition quality fine art prints. The standard features include continuous-tone-like look, image permanence, tonal control and exquisite appearance while offering the advantage of greater saturation over conventional wet process printing.

Canvas Prints
Canvas_Option_Color-3-SIZES200x140pxReturn to Gallery Wrapped Giclee Canvas Print Page

5/8”and  1.5″ Standard Face Stretch Canvas Print – Image on the front only, white borders and staples on the back

  • side.
    5/8” and 1.5″ Image Wrap Gallery Stretch – The image is enlarged to accommodate the chosen
    stretcher bar size so that image covers all visible sides of the stretchers.
  • A colored border can also be chosen – Pick a complementary or contrasting color for your custom border.
  • Both Image Wrap Gallery Stretch and the Color Border Wrap Gallery Stretch are frame-less, affordable presentations.

Normal service: 4 working days for proofing
7 working days additional for printing and stretching after test is approved.

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SizeSq. InPrice2-45-910-2526-5050+
8 x 864$28.05$23.84$21.03$19.07$16.83$16.83
8 x 1080$31.68$26.93$23.76$21.55$19.01$19.01
8 x 1296$35.19$29.91$26.39$23.93$21.11$21.11
10 x 10100$35.82$30.45$26.86$24.36$21.49$21.49
10 x 20200$53.44$45.42$40.08$36.34$32.06$32.06
12 x 12144$45.80$38.93$34.35$31.14$27.48$27.48
11 x 14154$49.43$42.01$37.07$33.61$29.66$29.66
11 x 16176$51.15$43.48$38.36$34.78$30.69$30.69
11 x 17187$44.03$37.42$33.02$29.94$26.42$26.42
12 x 18216$55.17$46.89$41.37$37.51$33.10$33.10
16 x 16256$59.76$50.80$44.82$40.64$35.86$35.86
16 x 20320$65.87$55.99$49.40$44.79$39.52$39.52
16 x 24384$72.28$61.44$54.21$49.15$43.37$43.37
18 x 28504$89.33$75.93$66.99$60.74$53.60$53.60
20 x 20400$74.33$63.18$55.75$50.55$44.60$44.60
20 x 24480$85.71$72.85$64.28$58.28$51.43$51.43
24 x 24576$102.35$87.00$76.76$69.60$61.41$61.41
20 x 30600$98.82$84.00$74.11$67.20$59.29$59.29
24 x 30720$117.88$100.20$88.41$80.16$70.73$70.73
24 x 36864$134.47$114.30$100.86$91.44$80.68$80.68
30 x 30900$137.99$117.29$103.50$93.84$82.80$82.80
30 x 401200$167.22$142.13$125.41$113.71$100.33$100.33
30 x 601800$229.07$194.71$171.80$155.77$137.44$137.44
32 x 321024$150.69$128.08$113.02$102.47$90.41$90.41
34 x 461564$200.80$170.68$150.60$136.55$120.48$120.48
36 x 361296$175.12$148.85$131.34$119.08$105.07$105.07
40 x 401600$204.74$174.03$153.56$139.22$122.84$122.84
40 x 502000$250.82$213.19$188.11$170.56$150.49$150.49
40 x 602400$296.58$252.09$222.44$201.68$177.95$177.95
40 x 722880$351.09$298.42$263.31$238.74$210.65$210.65
40 x 843360$405.14$344.37$303.86$275.50$243.08$243.08
40 x 963840$458.75$389.93$344.06$311.95$275.25$275.25
48 x 482304$285.23$242.44$213.92$193.96$171.14$171.14
48 x 602880$350.10$297.58$262.57$238.07$210.06$210.06
48 x 723456$414.32$352.17$310.74$281.74$248.59$248.59
48 x 844032$477.91$406.22$358.43$324.98$286.74$286.74
48 x 964608$540.85$459.72$405.64$367.78$324.51$324.51
53 x 532809$342.01$290.71$256.50$232.56$205.20$205.20
53 x 723816$453.53$385.50$340.14$308.40$272.12$272.12
53 x 844452$522.95$444.51$392.21$355.61$313.77$313.77
53 x 965088$591.60$502.86$443.70$402.29$354.96$354.96

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