Giclee Prints and Chromogenic Photo Prints
for the International Gallery and Museum

Archival Pigment Giclée

Extreme archival ratings with Canon’s highly regarded inksets. Several beautiful artists and photo-like papers provide you just the right option to match your work to maximize the visual experience.

Archival Chromogenic Photo

Chromogenic prints have been the mainstay of color photography for over a century and have continued to improve since the first Lumière Autochrome process changed the photographic landscape.  Modern photo prints have advanced archival properties, super sharpness and a beautifully natural color pallette. 

A Special Discount for Professional Artists

For Artist’s buying Limited Edition Fine Art Prints we now offer a 50% discount on drum scanning and professional digital captures when accompanied with a gallery wrap print order, 16×20 or larger.

Large Format Giclee Printing for Galleries and Museums

Gone are the days when full artist editions had to be run at one time. With our high-end Giclee fine art printing, your editions can be run in smaller batches, as little as one print at a time. And we can blind-ship your artist Giclee prints directly to your buyer or gallery.  

Giclee Prints For The Artist

Two of the biggest buzzwords in the art-market are “Giclee Print”, and “Pigment Print”. If you are looking for  Canvas Gallery Wraps or Deckled Water Color Paper,  we are the preferred professional Giclee Printing  source. With an ultra-high apparent resolution of 1800 d.p.i., and the ability to print on many fine art substrates, the Giclee processes command a great deal of gallery and professional print buyer attention. Ideal for fine art limited editions, the Giclee fine art print has become the preferred method for fine art reproduction world-wide.

Many artists feel that our years of ground-breaking technical experience in the creative digital realm provides for fine art prints that outperform others for color fidelity and detail. The larger color gamut of Giclee makes it an ideal medium for highly saturated works.

What is Pigment Printing  (Giclée)

Pigment printing is less of a mystery than you may thing. You probably already know that the word “Giclee” is French, with a loose English translation of “to spray”. But there is no magic behind a fine art Giclee print. A Giclee printer is an expensive high-end ink-jet style printer with higher resolution heads and the ability to work with archival fine art inks and substrates such as, Giclee watercolor papers, Giclee canvas, Photo Rag Baryta, and more. By using “ archival”  inks, this printing medium preserves your fine-art and portrait photo print buyer’s investment; making your artwork a more attractive purchase. And just how archival is a Giclee artist print? There is a great deal of debate surrounding the longevity of Giclee prints, much of it a result of differing opinions on how to correctly test the longevity; the truth is, no one really knows for sure, but best guesses from testing place them between 100 and 250 years when archivally stored – less when hanging on a wall. Before we decide on the paper and canvas stocks we offer for our Giclee print,  we examine manufacturer and third-party specifications on longevity and we test the fine-art papers to make sure the print quality exceeds our stringent professional guidelines. We take the risk out of printing Giclee, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, and we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB.

Black & White Giclees Offer Stunning Tonal Range and Detail.  Greyscale files printed on Giclee result in stunning B&W Prints in the same large print sizes and pricing as we offer in color Giclee Prints. You will be amazed at the beauty of the expanded tonal range and clarity of detail in these exhibition quality fine art prints. The standard features include continuous-tone-like look, image permanence, tonal control and exquisite appearance while offering the advantage of greater saturation over conventional wet process printing.

Canvas Prints
Canvas_Option_Color-3-SIZES200x140pxReturn to Gallery Wrapped Giclee Canvas Print Page

5/8”, 1.5″, and 2” Standard Face Stretch Canvas Print – Image on the front only, white borders and staples on the back

  • side.
    5/8” 1.5″, and 2” Image Wrap Gallery Stretch – The image is enlarged to accommodate the chosen
    stretcher bar size so that image covers all visible sides of the stretchers.
  • A colored border can also be chosen – Pick a complementary or contrasting color for your custom border.
  • Both Image Wrap Gallery Stretch and the Color Border Wrap Gallery Stretch are frame-less, affordable presentations.

For extended print longevity,we use Canon Lucia Pigment Inks that, according to Wilhelm Imaging Research reports, consistently outlast Epson Ultrachrome. 


Normal service: 4 working days for proofing
7 working days additional for printing and stretching after test is approved.

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SizeSq. InPrice2-45-910-2526-5050+
8 x 864$28.05$23.84$21.03$19.07$16.83$16.83
8 x 1080$31.68$26.93$23.76$21.55$19.01$19.01
8 x 1296$35.19$29.91$26.39$23.93$21.11$21.11
10 x 10100$35.82$30.45$26.86$24.36$21.49$21.49
10 x 20200$53.44$45.42$40.08$36.34$32.06$32.06
12 x 12144$45.80$38.93$34.35$31.14$27.48$27.48
11 x 14154$49.43$42.01$37.07$33.61$29.66$29.66
11 x 16176$51.15$43.48$38.36$34.78$30.69$30.69
11 x 17187$44.03$37.42$33.02$29.94$26.42$26.42
12 x 18216$55.17$46.89$41.37$37.51$33.10$33.10
16 x 16256$59.76$50.80$44.82$40.64$35.86$35.86
16 x 20320$65.87$55.99$49.40$44.79$39.52$39.52
16 x 24384$72.28$61.44$54.21$49.15$43.37$43.37
18 x 28504$89.33$75.93$66.99$60.74$53.60$53.60
20 x 20400$74.33$63.18$55.75$50.55$44.60$44.60
20 x 24480$85.71$72.85$64.28$58.28$51.43$51.43
24 x 24576$102.35$87.00$76.76$69.60$61.41$61.41
20 x 30600$98.82$84.00$74.11$67.20$59.29$59.29
24 x 30720$117.88$100.20$88.41$80.16$70.73$70.73
24 x 36864$134.47$114.30$100.86$91.44$80.68$80.68
30 x 30900$137.99$117.29$103.50$93.84$82.80$82.80
30 x 401200$167.22$142.13$125.41$113.71$100.33$100.33
30 x 601800$229.07$194.71$171.80$155.77$137.44$137.44
32 x 321024$150.69$128.08$113.02$102.47$90.41$90.41
34 x 461564$200.80$170.68$150.60$136.55$120.48$120.48
36 x 361296$175.12$148.85$131.34$119.08$105.07$105.07
40 x 401600$204.74$174.03$153.56$139.22$122.84$122.84
40 x 502000$250.82$213.19$188.11$170.56$150.49$150.49
40 x 602400$296.58$252.09$222.44$201.68$177.95$177.95
40 x 722880$351.09$298.42$263.31$238.74$210.65$210.65
40 x 843360$405.14$344.37$303.86$275.50$243.08$243.08
40 x 963840$458.75$389.93$344.06$311.95$275.25$275.25
48 x 482304$285.23$242.44$213.92$193.96$171.14$171.14
48 x 602880$350.10$297.58$262.57$238.07$210.06$210.06
48 x 723456$414.32$352.17$310.74$281.74$248.59$248.59
48 x 844032$477.91$406.22$358.43$324.98$286.74$286.74
48 x 964608$540.85$459.72$405.64$367.78$324.51$324.51
53 x 532809$342.01$290.71$256.50$232.56$205.20$205.20
53 x 723816$453.53$385.50$340.14$308.40$272.12$272.12
53 x 844452$522.95$444.51$392.21$355.61$313.77$313.77
53 x 965088$591.60$502.86$443.70$402.29$354.96$354.96

Large Format Latent Image Photo C-Printing

On why artists are buying LightJet prints over others:

"For photographers who have invested in expensive art lenses to get edge to edge sharpness and enhanced IQ, it's clear that the flat-transport technology is taking away the benefits you paid a bundle to get. The Lightjet technology is without a doubt, superior."  

Normal Turn:

3 days for testing plus 3 days for finals. Uncorrected prints are 3 days.
The Corrected print includes up to 2 tests. Additional tests are $25 each.


  • Sharper edge to edge than the competition

  • Genuine silver-halide chromogenic print

  • Archival-rated professional photographic paper

  • Gloss, Luster, and Semi-matte surfaces

  • Up to 48″x120″ on a single print

  • Ideal for the larger Adobe1998 Color-space.

Gallery Stack

Archival, Rich with Color and Detail.

Large format photo printing on photo c-print materials for fine art gallery display, high-end portraiture,  and wall murals, combining the top-of class award winning LightJet and our TrueArt™ Process delivers affordability and  accuracy that you can depend on time after time. We have produced these excellent gallery level prints for national artists, their galleries, Smithsonian exhibitions, museum photo backgrounds, and more.


LightJet Photo C-Prints featuring Fuji Crystal Archive professional digital chromogenic papers. Your TrueArt™ photo print professional uses a carefully calibrated work-flow, and consistent calibration and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the best possible color accuracy in your prints. Using very thin laser beams, your professional latent-image print is imaged at incredibly precise resolutions, ensuring crisp, sharp detail from edge to edge.  All of our ICC photo print profiles are available for your proofing convenience on our Calibration & Profiles page

Did you know that most online photo printers don’t even LOOK at your print before it ships? Hard to believe right? Much of the professional labs around the country have moved deeply into automated systems so they can sell the cheapest print.  We don’t agree with that philosophy – we want to deliver the highest quality print. Quality is not just a result of equipment and materials; it’s heavily influenced by who is generating the print. Machines simply cannot replace the human factor when it comes to visual media.

One measurement of quality is getting the color and look that you anticipated. In the digital world, that expectation comes from what you see on your monitor. So maintaining a calibrated monitor and workflow is key to an end result that meets your expectation. We recommend the use of color profiles, but unlike other labs, you are not forced to use them. We know you like options so we give YOU complete control over how you color manage your files and your workflow. More information on our recommendations for calibrating to our large format printing services can be found by clicking here.

You can trust the team of artists at Reed as your premier provider of large format Digital C-Prints. To experience the advantages and exceptional control of contrast and tonal range of the digital realm, you can easily send your 150-300p.p.i RGB or Greyscale tiff/jpeg files on disk or electronically via the easy upload page, and we’ll get started on your digital photo prints right away.

Fine art photographic printing. Eagle in flight

The LightJet is the top of the class of large format digital photo printers; LightJets are considered to be the finest quality photographic printers available today. This digital technology provides you the best possible photo printing with edge to edge sharpness that no other photographic large format printer can achieve. These devices have changed the way photo labs, artists and photographers do business. LightJets use lasers to expose photographic materials such as Fuji Crystal Archive color C-print and Kodak Metallic photographic paper. Other digital laser photo printers like the Lambda also use lasers but due to their construction, don’t compare to LightJet’s amazing edge-to-edge quality. Printing at 300dpi, (an apparent 4000 dpi halftone resolution!) Unlike inkjet, LightJets produces a true continuous tone photographic print. LED digital printers like the Chromira, just cannot compare to the sharpness and detail of the LightJet. Because your image is in digital form, you have amazing control over color, contrast and density making LightJet photographic c-prints far superior to other online photo printing.

Large Format Printing Options on Photographic Material

Your print is available on a variety of photographic materials including Fuji Crystal Archive and Kodak metallic color papers for traditional high-quality printing.
Fujitrans and SuperGloss/Fujiflex (Fuji’s improved competitive products for Kodak Duratrans, Kodak Duraflex), are used for advertising graphics, point-of-purchase, large format prints, trade show displays, and rollable or portable graphics. Anywhere durable polyester based materials are required.

While you can send us all types of images, we specialize in high-end limited edition fine-art digital printing.  Fuji Crystal Archive or Kodak Metallic color paper, are ideal for the fine art photographer or artist who wants to offer archival quality, photographic editions to galleries or collectors.

Lightjet Large Format Digital C-Prints are on Traditional Photographic Latent Image Papers

The LightJet prints large format digital photo prints up to 50 inches x 120 inches in one piece as a color photographic print. Digital Black and White files are printed on color paper, rendering a beautiful gray-scale c-print.

These professional large format printers have an endless list of applied uses such as satellite space imaging prints, aerial photographic prints, commercial and fine art color prints and wall murals. You can even print from your press-ready files (we recommend a conversion to RGB colorspace for all your scanned images). The LightJet will print to most any usable size; whether your needs are for a 5 x 7 inch or a 4 x 10 foot large format photographic print or mural, the LightJet digital laser printer can handle the job. You’ve never seen digital camera prints look so good! With the LightJet you can also produce multiple panels to increase the overall size of your color or chromogenic black and white mural-sized or poster-sized print. Whether it is two panels or ten panels, available space and your imagination are the only limitations. Wall Mural sized prints on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper can be hung like photo wallpaper.

Files should be jpeg or tiff in sRGB or Adobe 1998. We recommend a calibrated display and the use of our profiles.
Return to Large Format Print on LightJet Photo Paper
Large format photo prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper. Available in Semi-Matte, Lustre, or Glossy surfaces.

Files may be provided in 8bit or 16bit RGB. We recommend the use of our profiles for proofing and conversion.

Normal Turn time is 3 days for testing plus 3 days for finals. Uncorrected Economy prints are 3 days.
The Corrected Standard includes up to 2 tests. Additional tests are $25 each. Price does not include shipping.
Rush turn-around available (additional fees may apply)

It is suggested that our Corrected “Standard” service be requested the first time an image is printed. Once a fully tested and the corrected image file is available, then the Economy service can be requested for future orders from that file. Additional pricing applies to extra prints ordered at the same time.


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SizeSq. In.Price2-1011-2021-3031-5051+
8 x 1080$23.52$16.47$14.11$11.76$10.59$9.41
8 x 1296$25.48$17.83$15.29$12.74$11.46$10.19
8.5 x 1193.5$25.83$18.08$15.50$12.92$11.62$10.33
10 x 30300$51.43$36.00$30.86$25.72$23.15$20.57
11 x 14154$33.84$23.69$20.30$16.92$15.23$13.54
12 x 18216$41.76$29.23$25.06$20.88$18.79$16.70
12 x 36432$64.18$44.93$38.51$32.09$28.88$25.67
16 x 20320$53.56$37.49$32.13$26.78$24.10$21.42
16 x 24384$59.89$41.93$35.94$29.95$26.95$23.96
16 x 48768$83.12$58.18$49.87$41.56$37.40$33.25
20 x 24480$68.08$47.66$40.85$34.04$30.64$27.23
20 x 30600$76.08$53.26$45.65$38.04$34.24$30.43
20 x 601200$119.79$83.86$71.88$59.90$53.91$47.92
24 x 24576$74.68$52.27$44.81$37.34$33.60$29.87
24 x 30720$81.60$57.12$48.96$40.80$36.72$32.64
24 x 36864$90.98$63.69$54.59$45.49$40.94$36.39
24 x 481152$115.75$81.03$69.45$57.88$52.09$46.30
24 x 601440$140.52$98.37$84.31$70.26$63.24$56.21
24 x 721728$165.83$116.08$99.50$82.92$74.62$66.33
24 x 842016$190.96$133.67$114.58$95.48$85.93$76.38
24 x 962304$215.91$151.14$129.55$107.95$97.16$86.36
24 x 1082592$240.68$168.48$144.41$120.34$108.31$96.27
24 x 1202880$265.27$185.69$159.16$132.64$119.37$106.11
26 x 782028$192.00$134.40$115.20$96.00$86.40$76.80
28 x 842352$220.05$154.03$132.03$110.02$99.02$88.02
30 x 30900$94.13$65.89$56.48$47.06$42.36$37.65
30 x 401200$119.79$83.86$71.88$59.90$53.91$47.92
30 x 451350$132.58$92.80$79.55$66.29$59.66$53.03
30 x 601800$172.13$120.49$103.28$86.06$77.46$68.85
30 x 722160$203.46$142.42$122.07$101.73$91.56$81.38
30 x 842520$234.50$164.15$140.70$117.25$105.53$93.80
30 x 902700$249.92$174.95$149.95$124.96$112.47$99.97
30 x 962880$265.27$185.69$159.16$132.64$119.37$106.11
30 x 1083240$295.76$207.03$177.46$147.88$133.09$118.30
30 x 1203600$325.97$228.18$195.58$162.99$146.69$130.39
32 x 401280$126.48$88.53$75.89$63.24$56.91$50.59
36 x 361296$127.80$89.46$76.68$63.90$57.51$51.12
36 x 481728$165.83$116.08$99.50$82.92$74.62$66.33
36 x 602160$203.46$142.42$122.07$101.73$91.56$81.38
36 x 722592$240.68$168.48$144.41$120.34$108.31$96.27
36 x 843024$277.50$194.25$166.50$138.75$124.88$111.00
36 x 963456$313.92$219.74$188.35$156.96$141.26$125.57
36 x 1083888$349.94$244.96$209.96$174.97$157.47$139.98
36 x 1204320$387.07$270.95$232.24$193.53$174.18$154.83
40 x 401600$154.60$108.22$92.76$77.30$69.57$61.84
40 x 502000$189.57$132.70$113.74$94.78$85.31$75.83
40 x 602400$224.19$156.93$134.51$112.09$100.88$89.67
40 x 722880$265.27$185.69$159.16$132.64$119.37$106.11
40 x 843360$305.86$214.10$183.52$152.93$137.64$122.35
40 x 963840$345.96$242.17$207.57$172.98$155.68$138.38
40 x 1084320$387.07$270.95$232.24$193.53$174.18$154.83
40 x 1204800$428.21$299.74$256.92$214.10$192.69$171.28
48 x 482304$215.91$151.14$129.55$107.95$97.16$86.36
48 x 602880$265.27$185.69$159.16$132.64$119.37$106.11
48 x 723456$313.92$219.74$188.35$156.96$141.26$125.57
48 x 844032$362.32$253.63$217.39$181.16$163.05$144.93
48 x 964608$411.76$288.23$247.06$205.88$185.29$164.71
48 x 1085184$461.03$322.72$276.62$230.51$207.46$184.41
48 x 1205760$510.12$357.08$306.07$255.06$229.55$204.05

Large Format Printing on Custom Photo Wallpaper

Custom Wallpaper printingPrinting on custom photo wallpaper for decor, displays and wall murals.

Increase your impact! A custom wall mural or photo wallpaper supports and enhances the visitor’s experience. Wall murals draw people in to take a closer look.

Custom Photo Wallpaper | Wall Murals are $7.75 per sq.ft.

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Vinyl Banners

Large format printing on vinyl banners for shows, events, and temporary signage
Perfect for interior signs! Indoor vinyl banners are printed on one side. By printing four color, on matte vinyl, these high resolution prints can be used as point-of-purchase signage. You have the option to have your banner finished with hems and grommets, this banner is completely ready to hang as soon as you receive your order.

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