Gallery Contemporary Latent Image Print on Metal.

Every edge is carefully hand burnished to ensure the metal print is safe for you and your buyers to handle.

The Float: Includes metal cleat frame for a ready to hang presentation

The Flat

The Flat: No cleat frame is included – ideal for framing or where a hanging system is supplied by the user.

Super high gloss UV lamination protects the Fuji Crystal Archive print mounted on aluminum plate.

Normal turn: Creation times for the Gallery Mount including the genuine photographic print is 8 business days. Add 3 days if you require color testing.
Faster service may incur additional fees.
These prices include the print.


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Gallery Contemporary Float – A Photo Print on Metal

Includes U-channel float frame and zbar for attaching to the wall.

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Gallery Contemporary Flat – A Photo Print on Metal

No hardware, no float frame, just the exquisite print on metal.

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