Stop Paying to Break Their Rules

As a creative, you already think outside the box, so why should your reproduction prints be limited by one?

As artists ourselves we know that the perfect crop for an image is rarely going to match old-school fixed paper sizes. 

Those old sizes are based on the full frame aspect ratios of various film and camera formats that are either rarely or no longer in use. Only a handful actually work with today’s camera tech, standardized canvas sizes, or ready made frames.

If you are a fine art photographer, you likely know that the perfect crop rarely fits those fixed sizes and you have to sacrifice.

If you’ve asked another print maker if you could do a custom size, there is a good chance they told you that an extra cost is involved.   You see, special requests don’t work well in automated workflows used by Robo-Printers.  They want you to send them a file that fits THEIR mold, not your vision, and that’s the problem. If it doesn’t comply with what their high volume software expects, they might actually have to apply some actual attention to detail! 

We think that’s bunk. Fine art printing is about meeting YOUR expectations, not theirs.  At Reed, you get the print sizes you want, when  you want them and never at an extra price.  And that attention to detail? Every artwork is printed based on it’s individuality, not on global averages. It is assessed and printed by hand instead of pushed through an assembly line. 

Isn’t it about time you are treated as an artist instead of a number?

No extra charge for custom sizes