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What’s All This Talk About TrueArt?
By Reed Art & Imaging
For newer members of the Reed family and for those who have been with us for awhile and are just curious

The TrueArt ™ Experience is Reed Art & Imaging’s proven creative and commercial methodology that ensures an amazing outcome for everyone who walks through our doors. This method is designed to guide you through all phases of the business and creative process by assessing and matching your needs to our comprehensive line of products and services. Reed devised this unique approach to not just simply meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Okay, that’s the "elevator speech”, but how do we actually accomplish this?



To start with, every person at Reed Art & Imaging is passionate about quality, creativity and precision; and everyone here is creative in their own way. Many of us are working artists. That’s why you will hear us say at times; "artists working for artists". The business of "imaging" has moved at a lightening pace over the years; good shops have come and gone. In a bittersweet way, Reed has been the beneficiary of this upheaval by acquiring some of the best artistic, photographic and printing talent in the region.


Reproducing fine art, photography, rare family photos, or any visual display is always a collaborative process. With that said, a successful collaboration always starts with getting to know one another. It’s talked about so often that it’s almost a cliche, but we truly do LISTEN to you. In addition to what is actually being spoken, real listening often means understanding what is left unsaid or unexplained. That’s what we ‘listen’ for most of all. With this in mind, we are able to feel out those questions or desires that customers sometimes have trouble verbalizing when they’re unfamiliar with a product or service, or maybe just looking for another direction to go in.

We don’t fill your head with sales pitches and product babble, You talk; we listen; then you talk and we listen some more. When you’ve ‘talked yourself out’, then we advise. Understand, we want you to stay, but If the best solution for you means recommending one of our competitors; then that’s what we will do.

We assume nothing more than your expectation of quality and desire for a satisfying customer experience.  


As ‘creatives’, it is easier to put ourselves in your shoes when you walk through our doors for the first time. Whether you’re a professional artist, photographer, serious intermediate, or someone coming in for a simple, one-off gift for a friend or loved one; we will help you to maximize your budget for the absolute best results.


We are also not just a storefront business, we are a hive of creative activity that loves to share our knowledge with our guests. If you are more comfortable with seeing the process over being told the process, then a tour of the facilities will gladly be offered. We will be happy to teach you as much as you want to know.


Oftentimes a client’s frustration comes from ‘Not Knowing’. This can be anything from not having a clear picture of a technique or procedure, unanswered questions, not knowing how to ask the right question, or simply not being kept in the loop during the job process. The TrueArt™ process builds this accountability into the job flow. Again, it gets back to listening and anticipating the needs of our guests.

And when it’s all done; we do it again.  It’s easy to do a great job once. The real trick is doing it over and over again. In the end analysis, Quality with Consistency, is what Reed Art & Imaging strives for. We are…

"At Your Service".


Farm Fresh Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Cover Art Contest

Cash prize provided by Colorado Creative Industries

DENVER – Weds., Feb. 6, 201
Colorado Creative Industries and the Colorado Department of Agriculture today announced a cover art contest in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Colorado Farm Fresh Directory, a listing of farms, farmers’ markets, CSAs, u-picks and roadside stands that offer fresh produce and other farm products direct to the consumer. Amateur and professional artists are encouraged to submit original artwork for the contest. The winning entry will be featured on the cover of the 2014 Colorado Farm Fresh Directory and the artist will receive $500 courtesy of Colorado Creative Industries.

Entries must relate to Colorado agriculture in some way. Artwork may be created in any medium, but must be submitted as digital files. The Farm Fresh Directory is the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s most popular publication, and 110,000 copies of Farm Fresh will be distributed statewide the last week of May. 

"Year after year people look forward to this popular publication," said Wendy White, marketing specialist at the Colorado Department of Agriculture. "We hope the cover art contest gets people even more excited about this year’s Farm Fresh."

The 2014 Farm Fresh Directory will be available on the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s website, The deadline for entries is March 14, 2014. For more contest information, contact Loretta Lopez at 303-239-4115 or visit

About Colorado Creative Industries:

Colorado’s Creative Industries Division, Colorado’s state arts agency, is a division of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Established to capitalize on the immense potential for our creative sector to enhance economic growth in Colorado, the mission of Colorado Creative Industries is to promote, support and expand the creative industries to drive Colorado’s economy, grow jobs and enhance our quality of life. For more information, please visit 

The Photographery of Lynsey Adderio
By Reed Art & Imaging
I’m not sure if I can come up with a great definition of art, but as the old saying goes "I know it when see it". The photojournalism of Lynsey Addario will run you through the gamut of human emotion. Her subjects are often heartbreaking as they are breathtaking. They’re never boring as they illuminate the Human Condition like few others can.
See and Be Seen
By Reed Art & Imaging

Gallery showings and events can be key to sales for the artists as the go-to event for art buyers. Openings and the ensuing sales are the life-blood of successful galleries. We’ve put together a few resources for the artists and the galleries that rep them.


Call for Entries:

These lists are national and current. If you have a favorite list you want to share, let us know and we’ll pass it along next month.     2014 San Francisco International Photography Exhibition   Adobe Design Achievement Awards   RPS International Competition 157 Call For Entries

A few places to get exposure for your gallery:

These may not be the usual place you list an art show, but the usual places might not be the first place the potential buyer looks. Adding these to your existing list can widen your marketing reach and increase buzz.  The feedback we have heard directly is that has helped get events listed first page on Google and increase event attendance.  Yes it’s a review site, but their mobile app offers up a "Things to do in the area" list. Perfect for drawing in folks who are already out on the town and in your neighborhood. Ask your artists and your attendees to leave a review.  Another mobile friendly way to bring locals right to your door. Encourage your artists and show attendees to check in to foursquare and leave a review. The more reviews, the better the exposure and the higher the traffic potential. The potential from crowd-sourced marketing is huge. 
Have some great ideas? Drop us a line and we’ll add them next month. 
OVER 150 PHOTO CONTESTS: Show Off Your Skills & Earn Cool Stuff!
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