Photo Mounting on The Gallery Collection

The Gallery Mount Collection of presentation options can be ordered bundled with a Fuji Crystal Archive latent image photographic print, or as a gallery mount only if you prefer to supply us with your own print.

Gallery Stack

The hot item in interior design picture, photo and art framing ideas, photo mounting and presentation

– The Gallery Collection is a photo mounting process designed to enhance and protect any type of flat graphical display – art prints, photographs, posters, maps, awards, renderings, certificates, and documents. This high quality process provides a distinctive new look that is durable, glassless and offers a greater degree of protection from moisture and harmful UV rays than some traditional photo framing ideas. Our Gallery Collection is fast becoming the preferred presentation styles for professionals, curators and enthusiasts, due to the increased durability, non-glare waterproof surfaces, variety of colors and styles, and resistance to harmful UV exposure in all standard viewing areas. Your work will stand out as a focal point in any room, free of the distraction of a clunky frame and old-school matte.  Photo mount to plexThe entire Gallery Collection line-up has been carefully designed to look great in most any room and under most any lighting conditions. All Gallery Collection photo mounting products come ready-to-hang with their completed hanging systems and hardware. Truly a creative way to hang photos.

  • Greater Value – Gallery Mount offers a high-end look in a quality product at reasonable prices.
  • Stylish and Contemporary – A selection of four photo mounting styles, 20+ edge colors, and approximately 900 optional “Color Mat” colors means there is a perfect Gallery Mount to complement any graphic and room decor combination.
  • Clean Crisp Image – Our glass-free photo framing system provides a glare-free finish, and the UV protective layer in the durable protective laminate minimizes fading better than conventional glass. Images and colors appear clearer, sharper and brighter. As there is no glare, images and type seem to pop out at you at all angles of view.
  • Safe and Practical – There is no breakable glass. Gallery Mount is a safe and practical photo mounting option for high traffic areas such as offices, children’s rooms, homes, schools, restaurants, lounges, recreation and work areas.
    • The easy to clean surface on the Gallery Flat, Gallery Float and Gallery Box mounts are touchable and completely washable—grease, dust, dirt and moisture wipe right off with regular household glass cleaner! Perfect for the less than ideal environments too, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
    • The Gallery Clear has an amazing optically clear surface that really lets your image “Pop” This delicate surface requires special handling and cleaning to keep it looking pristine. We clean ours using lens cleaner (like you would buy from the optometrist) and a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Any strong cleaners containing ammonia or detergents, or rough cloths or aggressive handling can damage the delicate optical surface.
  • Expertly Crafted – Prints are professionally photo mounted on High grade acrylic, aluminum clad panels or MDF with carefully formulated cold-press adhesive and topped with a UV  protective laminate when applicable.
  • Ready to Hang – All of our Gallery Mount presentations come ready to hang with the hardware.
  • Eco Friendly – We use premium MDF with a Composite Panel Association (CPA) certification of 100% recycled/recovered fiber in compliance with their Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) specification CPA 3-08. Product is also available that is certified for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody and controlled wood recognition.Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has awarded certification to our supplier for producing products using recovered and recycled materials. UltraStock Select, Premium and Lite MDF are certified to contain pre-consumer recycled fiber on a dry fiber weight basis of 75% and 80% depending on manufacturing facility.



It’s Versatile – Gallery Mount Photo Mounting Is Ideal For:

  • Fine Art
  • Framing Photo Prints
  • Gallery Presentations
  • Photographs
  • (POS) Sales displays and promotions
  • Family, school and reunion photos
  • Wedding Photographs
  • Blueprints
  • Children’s art
  • Magazine covers, print ads, news clippings and tear-sheets
  • Certificates, awards and diplomas
  • Artist Renderings
  • Interpretive Exhibits
  • Photo collages
  • Posters, maps, and design drawings
  • Photo Memorabilia
  • Murals – up to 4 ft X 8 ft
  • And many more..

Gallery Aluma-Float Photo Mounting Option

This Presentation Really Catches the Light
Photo Mount to Aluminum Composite
Mounted on Brushed Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)

Your pieces will stand out on this clean and modern presentation and it’s visual impact will be greater than traditional photo framing. Your image is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive for longevity. It is then spot mounted on brushed aluminum (butler finish) composite panel and floated from the wall with a lightweight but durable box cleat that provides an attention-grabbing yet tasteful drop shadow.

The clean lines of this photo mounting style is ideal for abstracts, grunge, edgy portraits and many others. This photo framing method looks great on any wall type. Kodak Metallic photographic paper available at slightly higher cost.

All Gallery Mount products, come ready to hang.

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Normal Production Times

Up to 8 days production time
Add 3 days for color correction and testing.


  • Spot-mounted on brushed Aluminum Surface
  • Archival-rated Crystal Archive Photographic Print
  • Comes to you ready-to-hang
  • Green – uses recycle aluminum
  • Finished presentation sizes up to 48×96″

Gallery Clear – Face-mount to Acrylic Prints

radius corner of an acrylic print
Rounded Corner Option Shown

The contemporary look of this photo mounting presentation method is ideal for artwork and images that really pop. The Gallery Clear will look great against most any wall type, but with the ultra glossy surface, hanging your Gallery Clear acrylic face mount directly across from a bright window is not suggested.

Your Gallery Clear comes ready to hang with all necessary hardware.

Photo Mounting with several contemporary presentation styles and colors to choose from.

Face Mount to Acrylic
Shown with optional recessed backer


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  • Gallery Clear comes standard with 1/4″ front plex, a clear 1/8″ acrylic backer, and satin edges.
  • Comes to you or your buyer ready- to hang.
  • Printed on archival-rated professional photographic paper

Gallery Mount – Floats, Flats and Boxes.

Close-up of beautiful Gallery Mount edgeGallery flats come with keyhole mounting systems. Gallery Boxes and Gallery Floats include box cleats for stability and strength. Kodak Metallic photographic paper available at slightly higher cost. All of our Gallery Mount presentations come ready to hang.



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  • Several thickness options so you can choose the right visual-weight.
  • Large selection of edge colors and patterns
  • Stylish beveled edge
  • Printed on archival-rated professional photographic paper
Gallery Mount Collection
Waiting Rooms
Public Access Areas
Perfect for the Home
Office Decor

Order your ready to hang Gallery Mount presentation now!

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