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Do you love your job? I do! Working at a fine art reproduction studio I get to work with artists everyday, but not just my clients. At Reed, we are artists working for artists.

One of my coworkers, our Master Printer, Bob Jewett is one of several artists on staff here. His art is breathtaking, wild and always evoking of emotion (in this bloggers opinion.)

Bob had a solo show at Sync Gallery that ended last Friday… For those who did not get a chance to see it you can view a few highlights on the artist’s Facebook page. But don’t fret, he is in two other fantastic shows for Month of Photography Denver (MoP).



This Friday April 5th, Tenn Street Coffee & Tenn Street Art present the M.A.N. show with


representative works from Bob and 4 other amazing visual artists. Mr. Jewett also has pieces showing at the Denver SIE Film Center.  I hope you get a chance to see some of his amazing art, maybe even make a purchase or two. Now that the weather is nice 1st Fridays will be hoppin’!


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