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Creation times for the Metal Print is 3 business days for print only. Add 1 day for hanging hardware.



  • Green – made from recycled aluminum.
  • Carefully printed to bring out the best in the image without over-saturation that leads to a less than professional look and loss of detail.
  • Formulated to support maximum image detail and true-to-life colors that appeal to your higher-end art buyers.
  • Two surfaces and two substrates to meet your artistic vision.
  • Presentation options are available to complement your work and create a  maximized visual experience that sells.
  • Metal prints are priced affordably to keep your profits right where they belong.


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Your choice of Matte or Gloss on White or Gloss on Clear.

Metal Prints Without Hardware

No hanging hardware, just the beautiful dye sub print on aluminum.

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Metal Prints Ready to Hang

You new metal print comes ready to hang with either a standard metal hanger for smallish prints or a metal cleat frame with Z-Bar for the larger prints.

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**Specifications and prices are subject to change.

Please Note: The multifaceted technology involved in the manufacture of metal print media is complex and challenging. While the manufacturers make every effort to ensure the highest level of media, the occasional small surface imperfections will occur in the coatings. Most noticeable on the high gloss materials, these imperfections while inevitable, are evaluated by our team to ensure they do not affect the front-on view of your art. Since these imperfections are a regular part of the process, we cannot remake metal prints due to the imperfections of the surface unless the issue is prominent in the finished piece.