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KellyKelly Reed

I credit my mom for my love of organization and being prepared. Before I joined the Reed team, my mom and I co-owned a cleaning company for 18 years, which strangely enough, turned out to be an excellent training ground for what I do now.

In 2001 I joined the Reed team and the Reed family when I married Bob and Betty’s youngest son, Dan. Since Reed is a family business it seemed like a natural thing to do. I began my journey here in Guest Services and quickly learned everything you would ever need to know about the photo printing industry, from film processing to printing to mounting, and even the proper way to package the finished product. That was a whirlwind of an education for someone with exactly zero experience in the industry! After a few years, I shifted gears and continued my education as an Inside Sales Account Manager. I managed all the accounts that came my way and learned to juggle multiple projects and complex needs. This gave me experience providing a whole new level of service to our clients.

Now, as Manager of the Finishing and Voorwood Departments, I have finally found my calling. Each day I use my years of honed skills in organization and multi-tasking, combined with my willingness to “get dirty” to coordinate the people, projects and inventory that pass through our very busy finishing department. I am still learning and growing, and I love working with our sassy, yet amazingly talented finishing team. I consider it my personal mission to make sure we have exactly the right people in the right place to give all our clients’ projects the quality and care that they deserve.


Shannon Schultz

After completing 3 years of extended photography classes, I started my career in the photographic industry in 1987 and have been with Reed since 2008. I work as a finishing technician and believe that working hard to produce a product should not only meet or exceed our standards, but also the standards of our clients. I am an easy-going, fun person to work with, and when I’m not working, I am with my family or following my passion of photography.

DavidDavid Arguello

I love what I do here at Reed. Over the years I’ve washed dishes, changed tires, picked up trash, driven trucks, buses and done custom framing. At Reed I operate the computerized milling machine that we use to make our Gallery Mount Collection. Being so versatile in my abilities, I can also help out where ever else I’m needed and often do. I’m a Colorado native and an avid sports fan. Go Broncos! On the weekends I am free to do whatever I want, and I spend them with my dog and/or fishing.

CraigCraig Farnum

I blame my mom. I know; that’s what everyone says, but I mean it. I get my incredibly detail-oriented tendencies from her. She’s the kind of person who actually reads an instruction manual and follows it to the letter. If the toaster manual says to clean out the crumb tray and unplug the toaster after each use, by golly, she does it. While I’m not as OCD about things as she is, I am comfortable with details, procedures, and steps whenever they are necessary to achieve an end result. I guess that’s what makes me good at my job as a mounting/finishing tech.
My career in photography began with my Kodak 126 Instamatic at the tender age of 6, taking pictures of bugs, squirrels and the family dog. I continued with hand-me-down cameras from my father until I was able to save up and buy my own in high school. After wandering the employment deserts for a while, I settled into my first photo lab job, processing film and printing at a little lab in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lots of pictures of golf tournaments, weddings and showgirls. Soon, I headed east to Denver and moved into a much larger lab, printing and later learning mounting and laminating.
As a kid and young man, I didn’t really view myself as an artist or a photographer; I just enjoyed the process of documenting life. But, I’ve always been a technologist—a tech geek—and loved working with my hands and solving problems. I’ve been providing high-end finishing services at Reed since 1995. The creative challenges that I meet here involve figuring out how to use our machines and materials to bring an artist’s vision to life. Every once in a while, one of our artists comes in with a new puzzle for me to figure out. They have an idea for a finished product but no idea how to make it happen. Sometimes, their ideas are pretty wacky! I’m a realist, but I also like the challenge. I do everything I can to make their vision a reality. And most of the time, we’re successful!
It takes a unique type of person to do this kind of work. Like my mom, I like things orderly and done right. Sometimes, it’s the boring, monotonous stuff, like cleaning the surface of the print three times before running it through the mounter, that makes the difference. But, it’s not a robot job. My personal motto is: “Strive for Perfection; Settle for Excellence.” My work is the fruit of that.

DanielDaniel Arguello

Like my brother, David Arguello, I have had a verity of different jobs, from warehouse manager to shipping and receiving, and custom framer. We both came to work at Reed in February of 2007, where I work in production. Framing, canvas stretching, building and assembling our Gallery Mount Collection and helping out where ever else I’m needed. I love sports, GO BRONCOS! In my free time I’m the team manager for my son’s football team. I fish, camp and spend as much time as possible with my wife and three beautiful children.

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