It looks like your signature because it is your signature

Signing editions just got easy.

You just got an order from a collector and requests for prints from one of your galleries — congratulations!  You order your prints, wait for them to arrive, sign and number them, and ship them to their respective destinations.

What if you could remove the hassle of waiting for arrival, unpacking, signing, repacking, printing shipping labels and arranging a pickup or taking it to the carrier yourself?  Sounds good right?

Leave the Drudgery Behind.

Our Ghostwriter Signature Service allows you to do just that, so you can get back to making more art and more sales and leave at least some of the drudgery behind. And it’s not something added to the image in photoshop; this is a real signature with a real pen. It would take a forensics pro to tell it apart from your own hand.

Your signature is digitally mastered onto a secure and encrypted proprietary file on a special type of flash drive.

When your prints are ready to sign, the encrypted drive is loaded directly into our robotic “hand,” the print is carefully aligned to ensure the signature is put right where you told us you want it, then the magic begins.

Each of your prints is signed using your signature and a real pen or marker, and one of our in-house artists will neatly number each individual print per your specifications.

  • Startup fee per signature = $150 
  • Each signing per print = $20 includes setup

Ghostwriter Signature(s)


What is a Ghostwriter Signature?

As an author, artist, or entertainer, there have likely been occasions or events where you were asked to sign your work. Although an honor, and testament to your abilities, it can become a tedious and tiresome ordeal, especially if you have stacks of prints that need signing.

Ghostwriter signature services were invented to reduce the burden of signing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of prints, digitizing your signature and imparting it on your works of art without contributing to carpel tunnel.

What Are the Benefits of Ghost Writer Signatures?

As an artist, your hands are the tools of your trade. Signing a piece of art, photo, or book here or there might not be a problem, but when faced with singing hundreds or thousands of copies, you face the real risk of doing damage to your two most precious tools: your hands.

From fatigue and cramping, to joint exertion, digital strain, there has to be a better way. Ghostwriter signatures give you the ability to uniquely personalize each item, without overstressing or overexerting your hands.

The signature used is your own, digitally scanned and transposed onto your medium of choice. As we like to say at Reed Photo, the signature looks like your own, because it is.

Apart from personalization and reducing hand strain, our ghost writer signature service give you back one of the most precious benefits of all: your time. Ghost writer signatures can save you hours of time spent hunched over your work, freeing you up for more important tasks.

What is an Autopen and How Does it Work?

An autopen, as the name suggests, is an innovative technology that combines digital inputs with manual writing tools such as pens or markers, to manually replicate signatures of artists and authors.

The great thing about ghost signatures is that they are NOT just prints. An autopen machine can be used to manually write out your signature as if it was your own hand doing the lettering.

This state-of-the-art machine is capable of offering immaculate reproduction of your real signature on certificates, letters, books, photos, artwork, cards, and more.

Using a writing instrument of your choice, our autopen is compatible with felt-tip markers, ballpoint pens, permanent markers, pencils, fountain pens, calligraphy pens, crayons, and more.

Operated by our team of highly trained professionals, using the autopen is as much of an art as it is a science, requiring precise adjustments of pen pressure, writing speed, and more to create a flawless, virtually undeniably accurate signature that matches your own.

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