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Acrylic Printing Service


Acrylic prints have long been the pinnacle of displaying breathtaking photos and watercolor art. Our Diasec mounting technology enables you to showcase your art, photos and prints in a way that brings out the very best in each piece. Enhancing colors, and bringing imagery to life while providing a framework for an efficient and bold display, this approach offers a museum-quality presentation trusted by galleries, showrooms, auction houses and museums around the world.

We work with a wide range of customers, from artists and photographers, to galleries, collectors and museums.


Reach out today and connect with our friendly and knowledgeable team to find out how you too can embrace this innovative and museum-quality service. We offer custom solutions and expert advice on finding the ideal acrylic printing service for your needs. From elevating the visuals of a timeless heirloom, to bringing out the best in a sentimental print, or piece of art that embodies the passion and pride you put into each piece.

Why is Our Diasec Acrylic Face Mount Better?


Diasec is a museum approved method of print preservation and presentation

Diasec was perfected in Europe many decades ago and they have an impressive track record on non-failure.  This is not something that the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) used in the United Staes can claim. The adhesive used in a genuine Diasec face mount to acrylic is a silicone gel combined with a proprietary product that ensures a complete and permanent bond. Unlike sticky film based acrylic face mounts that look similar, Diasec is engineered to never separate, peel, or fail.

Diasec acrylic print mounting is the premier presentation system for bringing detail, color and tonal range to life! For this presentation style we print on select Giclee fine art pigment papers for amazing color and longevity (black and white images also look fantastic on these materials).   Let us reiterate this, Giclee (inkjet ) watercolor papers can now be used in facemounts while maintaining the texture.  This is not something that can be done with traditional PSA materials.

There’s a reason that museums prefer Diasec acrylic face mounts over standard adhesive mounts; Diasec gel remains flexible and fully adhered after curing, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the art for generations. It simply will not separate from the acrylic. Face mounts have been around for over 50 years and genuine Diasec is the only technology proven to not to fail. 

Features & benefits of Diasec face mounts

Anatomy of a Diasec Mount


Acrylic Face Mount Customization Options

a finished look that complements your image and style

From acrylic types to paper choices, edge style to backer types, or even how you want to hang it on the wall, Diasec face mounts are more versatile than traditional acrylic face mounts have ever been before.

Types of Acrylic

Standard Acrylic Info

The acrylic we use to produce face mounts is a framers grade material.  This grade of acrylic generally has less flaws and is available in thicknesses  of 1/8″ or 1/4″.  Sizes of prints can be up to 118″ long by 58″ tall.  This product gives a glass like appearance to the final print.

TruLife Acrylic Info

TruLife Acrylic Mounting Option and Benefits

the Premium in Face Mount acrylics

Trulife Acrylic is the pinnacle in display acrylic.  The manufacturer chooses the top of the line acrylic and on the surface of the acrylic is placed a special coating that reduces the reflections and substantially increases the durability of the surface.  The coating is much like that of a high quality camera lens.  While other acrylics need to be cleaned with delicated cloths and cleaners, Trulife allows the enduser more relief that the image will be free from scratches that may come from cleaning or accidental contact.


A Reduction of Reflections: Your images will look clean and professional without glare or distortions. No matter the lighting, take solace knowing your work will look immaculate from any angle, with a reduction of glare or reflection. 

Vivid Vibrancy: Bring your photos and prints to life with deep, bold, vibrant colors that ‘pop’ in all the right ways. 

Unparalleled Depth: Enhance your artwork with an increased sense of depth and awe. 

Superior Clarity: Bolster the clarity of your piece and bring out its details like never before. 

Better UV Protection: A unique formulation and approach that is engineered to transmit 98% of light while blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays. 

Unmatched Durability: A proprietary hard coat makes the surface of the acrylic durable and scratch-resistant. 

Anti-Static Properties: The anti-static properties of acrylic ensure minimal dust accumulation on the viewing side. 

Impressive Shatter Resistance: Integrated safeguards combined with shatter-resistant properties safeguard art, photos and prints from damage. 

Virtually Maintenance Free: Anti-static properties help keep acrylic free from debris, and requires the use of no special cleaners (clean same as glass when needed). 

Engineered for Permanence: Coated with a proprietary formulation engineered for superior longevity.


Non-glare Acrylic Info

Non-glare acrylic has a slightly defused surface to the acrylic.  If relections are a concern then this is an excellent option.  Disadvantages due to the diffusion of the surface are a slight loss in sharpness.  Also blacks can be a little less deep.

Standard Acrylic vs Trulife Acrylic Info

Regular and TrueLife® options both provide protection against damaging UV thanks to the Genuine Diasec processes inherent resistance to UV.

The TruLife® Acrylic provides the added benefit of increased contrast, significantly lower reflections and a surface that is more resistant to scratches.

Available in 1/8″ thickness.

Regular Truelife®
UV Protection (Included in Diasec)
Art Museum Approved
Custom Sizes No Extra Charge
Higher Contrast and Sharpness
Abrasion Resistant
Can Come Ready To Hang
Can Use Stand-Offs
All Edging Options
Square or Rounded Corners
1/8" Thickness
1/4 Thickness

Other Options

Size Options

Acrylic maximum sizes are:

1/8″ – 58″ x 118″

1/4″ – 58 x 118″

Trulife maximum sizes are:

1/8″ – 58″ x 118″

Non-Glare maximum sizes are:

1/8″ – 58″ x 118″


Presentation / Hanging Systems

There are generally 3 methods used to display acrylic facemount.

Acrylic Float

This is our most common display method for acrylic mounts.  We apply a metal frame to the back of the acrylic and when hung it gives a floating appearance to the print.  The preferred thickness of the frame on the back is about 3/4″.  This frame’s default is to be placed on the back with 3″ of space all around the print.  In most cases it has a french cleat attached to the back.

View From The Back

The back has an 3/4″ aluminum frame adhered to the back of the finished print with an mdf cleat. that is screwed to the wall.

Cleat Example

Here is an example of a cleat fastened to the wall.  The finished print is then hung on the cleat.  If the cleat is level the print will always hang level.

Acrylic Flat

This presentation is usually purchaed with the intent of putting it in a frame or for stacking on another substrate.  There is no hanging mechanism on the back when purchased by itself. 

Acrylic Standoffs

This hanging method uses metal posts to offset the print off the wall.  They come in various diameters and depths.  The standoffs are put in the corners and can also be used on the edges depending upon the final size of the print.  An additional benefit is standoff also function as security hardware since the standoffs are physically attached to the wall.

Standoff Examples

Paper Options

Your choice of Archival Matte or Epson Metallic papers. 

Edge Finishes & Corner Styles

Edge Styles


The softer Satin Edge plays with the light to make for a more defined age.


The Polished Edge grabs the eye with a nice crystalline look.

Corner Styles


1/4″ polished edge plex with radius corners


1/4″ polished edge plex with square corners

Backer Materials

Backer material is what is mounted behind the print.  It is also what the backing frame is mounted to.  The options consist of the following:

How to Order Diasec Acrylic Prints

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Features: What You Get

Normal Turn Times

Please allow:


11 business days for Satin Edges includes time for uncorrected print. Please add at least 3 days if you need color testing.



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1/8″ Diasec Acrylic Face Mounts

Archival Matte or Epson Metallic paper,  face-mounted to high-end 1/8″ acrylic plex for a clean, sharp and attractive presentation. The hardware-less option should be framed for hanging.

1/8″ Diasec Acrylic Flat: With Clear Acrylic Backer – No Hardware 

Regular Acrylic Flat

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TruLife® Acrylic Flat

  • Archival Matte or Epson Metallic paper.
  • TruLife maximum final print size is 47″x 95”.
  • Limited availability may result in additional lead time.

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1/8″ Diasec Acrylic Float:  With Backer, U-Channel Float Frame and Hanging Hardware,

Regular Acrylic Float

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TruLife® Acrylic Float

  • Archival Matte or Epson Metallic paper.
  • TruLife maximum final print size is 47″x 95”.
  • Limited availability may result in additional lead time.

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1/4″ Diasec Acrylic Face Mounts

Archival Matte or Epson Metallic paper,  face-mounted to high-end 1/4″ acrylic plex for a clean, sharp and attractive presentation. The No Hardware option should be framed for hanging.

1/4″ Diasec Acrylic Flat: With Clear Acrylic Backer – No Hardware

Regular Acrylic Flat

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1/4″ Diasec Acrylic Float:  With Backer, U-Channel Float Frame and Hanging Hardware

Regular Acrylic Float

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Drawbacks of Traditional Acrylic Face Mounts

What Problems Do We Solve that the other guys still have?

We’ve made acrylic face mounted prints the traditional way for many years. So from our experience, as a first-generation protective and display method, it served its purpose well. However, there are several drawbacks that have led to the development of an even better solution.

What are the drawbacks of traditional acrylic face mounted prints?


Over the course of time traditional adhesives have shown a tendency to occasionally separate from the surface and create bubbles along the edge of the print, a process called delamination. These bubbles can continue to grow and can’t be repaired. Even years after a print has been mounted, it can still be pulled off the surface of the acrylic like a sticker.

Air Bubbles And Dust

In the manufacture of traditional face mounts, dirt is a major issue. It isn’t uncommon for a dirt or dust particle to fall on the substrate during assembly creating a larger bubble of air around the dirt. The air bubble amplifies the flaw caused by the actual dirt. 

Unable to mount watercolor papers

Because of the textured surface of many fine art watercolor papers, a traditional adhesive facemount to acrylic is not an option. The adhesive leaves tiny bubbles of air where the paper surface isn’t completely flat. As a result, artists and photographers who prefer to print using  pigmented inks on watercolor paper cannot have them facemounted.

How does Diasec address these issues?

no delamination

Once the Diasec gel has dried, it is nearly impossible to pull a print off the acrylic surface. Diasec is considered a permanent bond that will not delaminate.  

no Bubbles from Dust

The Diasec gel is applied as a liquid during the assembly process, so any dust that may fall on the substrate is completely encased. There will be no air bubbles to exaggerate the dirt.  

can Mount
watercolor papers

Because the Diasec gel is a liquid, it flows into and around any pores or surface variations that occur with watercolor papers. It creates a beautifully smooth surface while still showing the natural paper texture that the artist desired.

Inquire about Diasec

The Diasec Guarantee

There is a reason non-Diasec vendors won’t
guarantee the mount of their product beyond a few years.

It's an interesting question: If they aren't
confident in their product, why are you?

Sticky film adhesives are used by nearly every face-mount producer in North America to adhere prints to acrylic. The problem with those films is that they may fail. It could be tomorrow, next week, or next year. Expansion/contraction of the acrylic due to temp and humidity changes result in a separation between the adhesive and the acrylic – forever destroying that artwork with huge bubbles, tunnels, peeling edges and worse.

When your buyer’s piece fails, it’s you who gets the call. You will likely be asked to replace the work resulting in expensive remakes, crates, and shipping. Or if you decline, your reputation and brand are all at risk. Will that buyer be confident to purchase with you again? If they have several of your pieces, will they lose piece of mind?

Diasec gel remains flexible and fully adhered after curing and simply will not separate from the acrylic. Facemounts have been around for over 50 years and genuine Diasec is the only technology proven to never fail. Period.

Informing your prospective buyers why you have chosen Diasec can give them peace of mind and improve your position against your competition.

What Do Our Diasec Customers Say?


What Do Our Diasec Customers Say?
When I opened up the package containing my first Diasec acrylic print from Reed Art & Imaging, I just thought it was incredible! The packaging and presentation was the best I’ve ever seen! Mind-boggling! The art looks just like the original. It is a beautiful reproduction. I’m thoroughly happy with the results and excited to see more of my images in Diasec acrylic. I encourage my collectors to covet these prints.
Portrait of Robert Lyn Nelson with his artwork courtesy of Robert Lyn Nelson
I was genuinely amazed when I saw the print – I’ve never seen anything like it before! I thought it only right to let you know how happy I am with it. I’m absolutely thrilled with it, and by it! The reproduction, quality and finish are all brilliant and the result is spectacular! I’d never seen anything with a Diasec acrylic finish before and was completely blown away by the effect it has. Thank you so much for arranging to produce it for me. I’m very grateful. Kind Regards, Susie
Photo of artist: Susie Hall of Bedford England
Bedford, UK - SusieHall.org
“We received the print today and it looks fantastic! In all honesty, this Diasec acrylic face-mount from Reed is the most spectacular use of materials and care I have ever received in over 10 years. Not one flaw, very well packaged, and I’ve never seen a thin clear protective film placed over the surface. Amazing!”
Photo of Artist: William Phelps Montgomery in front of one of his original works.
I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with the product and the service I received from Reed Art & Imaging. I was brand new to the Diasec product they offer and their staff clearly explained the process, were in constant communication with me throughout, and answered all the questions I had for them. When the Diasec acrylic face-mount print arrived, I was blown away by the clarity of detail and the depth that the face-mount created. Everything down to the packaging was done in the most professional way possible. After receiving my first Diasec print, I was immediately sold on it being the premiere method of reproducing my art. Many, many thanks to the folks at Reed Art & Imaging!!
Artist Kevin S Mariom in front of one of his works of art.
Kevin Marion

Acrylic Face Mounts FAQ

Acrylic prints are photos printed on either metallic or satin high-grade photo paper. Next, this print is ‘face mounted’ to a specialized acrylic plastic sheet. In this way, the print can be viewed through the acrylic, with light refracting within the acrylic to bring the photo to life.  It has the appearance of being in glass.

The vast majority of galleries and museums have since left behind the use of glass for displaying artwork. Virtually all fine art today employs acrylic face mounting techniques and materials to bring out the best in the pieces, while improving durability, increasing protection, enhancing resolution and more with far less chance of breakage.

While acrylic printing offers superior UV protection and protection from dust and other airborne particulates, it is not rated to protect against submersion in water.

Traditional thickness of acrylic printing ranges from 1/8th to ¼”. However, we offer a wide range of thicknesses, styles and sizes to suit your needs. We use optically clear, lens-grade acrylic with edges sanded down to a smooth satin finish or hand polished crystal-clear look.

Acrylic photos are not ‘framed’ in the traditional manner you might frame a piece of canvas art or printed photo. At Reed Art & Imaging we use a proprietary museum-approved method to preserve and present acrylic prints. This method, called Diasec, is far superior to traditional acrylic face mounting methods, permanently bonding photographs directly to an acrylic sheet.
Our face-mounted acrylic printing products come ‘backerless’ with your choice of both hanging hardware and backing material. Customers may optionally choose a metal French cleat style hanging system or stand-offs.

All acrylic is less reflective than is glass, resulting in less glare. However, we take things one step further, using TruLife, resulting in a 25% reduction in glare and virtually no reflection.

Weight is dependent on the height, width and thickness of the acrylic, as well as the chosen mounting options. In some cases, larger acrylic solutions can become fairly heavy.

Absolutely. One of the main reasons artists opt to use acrylic printing is to preserve their artwork. However, over time traditional acrylic prints can undergo delamination, damage from UV light or humidity, and become subject to small air bubbles and dust.

This is why we use Diasec, the next generation of photo preservation and display. Diasec is the ONLY process engineered to offer a permanent bond of prints directly to specialized acrylic sheets, representing the pinnacle of durability, reliability, brilliance, and beauty.

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