Effective February 26, 2016 Reed has stopped processing Color and Black & White films. Due to the economics of our large film processing machines and a low volume of film we simply could not justify the water waste and expense of keeping them running.

Until then, we encourage you to dig out all that exposed film from your freezer that has been begging to be processed and get it in asap. If you still have some unexposed film laying around now would be an excellent time to go retro and shoot it up. Other than looking goofy when you instinctively look at your camera back shot after shot to see the non-existent preview, it’s actually a lot of fun to go back and shoot film for maybe the last time.

As far as recommendations for processing after we are done, we have assembled a short list of labs that run similar types of equipment and quality procedures. Although we cannot completely vouch for these businesses we did feel we should help you find some options.
North Coast Photo Services, Carlsbad, CA – up to 8×10” film E6, C41, B&W all D&D processors
http://www.northcoastphoto.com/film_developing_scans.html (760) 931-6809
The Darkroom, San Clemente, CA – up to 8×10 D&D processor for E6 & B&W, C41 is cine processor
Tempe Camera, Tempe AZ– D&D up to 8×10 for E6, Hand line B&W up to 4×5, C41 up to 220 cine processor
http://www.tempecamera.biz/Film_Processing_s/622.htm 800.836.7374
Mc Greevy Pro Lab, Albany NY – up to 8×10” film E6, C41, B&W all D&D processors
http://www.mcgreevyprolab.com/photo-lab-ser…/film-processing 518.426.1039